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Over 1,400 education employees make up our membership. We are their professional and advocacy organization.


Pikes Peak Education Association (PPEA) is the UniServ Unit affiliated with the 36,000 member Colorado Education Association (CEA) and the 3 million member National Education Association (NEA).




We are teachers, bus drivers, nurses, paraprofessionals, mothers, fathers, leaders, and members. We are lifelong learners who believe in what we do! We know the joys and struggles of being an educator. We know what it means to teach a child.

We get it.

We're with you.

We're just like you.



PPEA believes in Colorado's Public School system. We believe that the children in our schools will be the decision-makers and caretakers of tomorrow. We believe, given appropriate support and guidance, every child can learn and achieve his or her potential. We believe children learn best when behavioral expectations are clear and academic standards are high. We believe every child's education should be built upon a strong foundation of basic skills and self-discipline. We believe today's children must also master the skills needed to think creatively, acquire knowledge, solve problems, work cooperatively, apply technology, and thrive in an increasingly interdependent world. We believe in and value cultural diversity and the equality of opportunity for all children. We believe in lifelong learning for both educational employees and students. We believe every child has the right to learn in a school that is safe and free of drugs and violence. We believe in the democratic values and ideals of our nation and in our system of free public schools where these values and ideals are passed from one generation to the next. We believe that the educational process must be supported. We believe in what we do!

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